The world is changing rapidly with each passing day and modern methods of education are being adopted as online education is one of them.

Al-Risalah education presently has five educational sections, 1- Islamic, 2- Skills, 3- Social Media-, 4- Al-Quran, and 5-Al-Riesalah Talks.

Al-Risalah education institute is making education possible with the help of modern technology at home. Al-Risalah’s team includes professional teachers who specialize in their subjects.

You are affiliated with any school, college, or university and you want to study E-Commerce, Computer basics, Arabic and English language or any subject, our expert teachers are there to guide you.

There are excellent expert teachers for teaching E-Commerce, Freelancing, graphic design and Islam who are there to guide you online from the Noorani Qaeda to memorizing the Qur’an at home.

I hope Al Risala’s online virtual classrooms and education technique add value to your life and you gain more knowledge with the help of our expert teachers. Al-Riesalah registered in Islamabad Capital Territory of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Al Risalah’s virtual classrooms are designed according to the new and updated online education system. Enter the name and password given by Al Risalah’s management and become part of Al Risalah’s online virtual classrooms.

Always be grateful to Allah Almighty for the blessings you have, be motivated, and face problems of life with full power and potential. Be happy and keep sharing joys.





Provides quality education for a wide variety of students by offering alternate solutions to traditional schooling utilizing current Internet technologies and proven teaching practices implemented by a team of professionals.


To be a leading Education Academy that provides true education of all subjects of international standards in a dynamic environment that values cultural diversity integrates technology, fosters knowledge creation, and builds sustainable skills for character building and lifelong learning.

Our Values

Flexible schedules, personalized attention, and a proven track record of academic achievements make Alrisalah’s top Education academy. Each student studies the same core subjects taught in traditional high school settings and can choose from a wide selection of elective, AP, and honors classes. We welcome all prospective students and their parents to contact us with any questions about our curriculum, we’re always happy to help.